ETempt is a syntax definition language for textual model representations. With ETempt, you can easily specify processors for textual model fragments. Therefore, ETempt combines traditional language processing with modelling technologies. Attribute grammars form the underlying theoretical formalism. In ETempt, attribute values are partial models. This allows for model construction during parsing. ETempt offers non-deterministic as well as deterministic parsing strategies.

The development of ETempt relies on modelling technologies available in Eclipse. It’s abstract syntax is defined as an Ecore metamodel. It’s semantics are given by a mapping to QVT Relations. The mapping itself is specified in QVT Relations, too. Finally, ETempt is used to define its own concrete syntax.


  1. syntax definition for textual model fragments

  2. parser generation

  3. top-down parsing strategy

  4. non-deterministic and deterministic parsing strategies with arbitrary look-ahead

  5. model construction during parsing

  6. flexible scanner integration